An insight in the journey of creating AS200232

09/11/2023 – Inter-IX

Today our Inter-IX port was moved into production

28/10/2023 – NetOne

A few weeks ago Peter-Paul (NetOne, AS200132) and I were wondering if we could benifit from each others transit providers and decided to cross-connect our networks. As of today our 10G XC is live and the new sessions are established.

09/09/2023 – FreeTransit Project

Today AS200232 connected to the FreeTransit Project over Frys-IX. FreeTransit is offering free IP-Transit either remotely or over IXPs, under the autonomous system AS41051.

30/05/2023 – Ripe Atlas participation

I added a Ripe Anchor to the network. This device actively participates in the global Ripe Atlas network. The Atlas network allows users to perform internet connectivity measurements like ping tests, traceroutes, dns measurements from multiple locations to analize routes an detect issues.

My anchor | About Ripe atlas

19/05/2023 – 100% RIS Visibility

With the addition of the Fusix Transit and some configuration last week, routes have now fully propagated across the internet and AS200232 is officialy up and running.

13/05/2023 – Fusix and Eurofiber

Big day today, I prepared the redundant uplinks to the Fusix core sites (NIK and EUN) and the first bits started flowing over my Eurofiber VPLS connection to the homelab!

01/05/2023 – IPNG

The transit VLAN to IPNG has been enabled

14/04/2023 – Frys-IX

Today the Frys-IX port was moved into production

01/03/2023 – Speed-IX

Today the Speed-IX port was moved into production

07/02/2023 – CORE 1 Site

Equipment racked and first XC’s connected

25/01/2023 – IPv4 PA Allocation

The transfer of the /24 ipv4 I recently acquired completed today

23/12/2022 – LIR Account activated

The start of an interesting journey, my LIR account has been activated and IPv6 range was allocated. For IPv4 I have been added to the waiting list. Since I am number 1197 I don’t expect to get a free allocation anytime soon, so I will have to explore the leasing or buying option.

14/12/2022 – Rack secured

Major milestone, today I have signed the lease for a rack at NIKHEF Amsterdam