Currently AS200232 is a work in progress and consists of a core location at NIKHEF Amsterdam and an edge location which is my homelab.

I’m using real equipment and interconnects as much as possible. The primary connection from NIKHEF to @HOME is a dedicated L2 VPLS connection provided by Eurofiber. A regular 1/1G connection from provider TWEAK with a tunnel on top of it serves as back-up.

Both edge routers @HOME participate in the BGP network. For now, they receive default routes from the core and advertise a chunk of my IPv4 and IPv6 space.

NIKHEF Equipment
  • CR1: Cisco ASR1006 (2x RP2 | 2x ESP20 | 3x SIP40 | 8x SPA-1x10G-L-V2 | 2x SPA-8x1G-V2)
  • AS1: Cisco Catalyst WS-C3650-24PS-E
  • OOB: Cisco ISR2901 (2x EHWIC-4ESG | 1x HWIC-16A | EHWIC-4G-LTE-G)
  • ESX01: Dell Poweredge 630 (2x E5-2650v3 | 128GB mem | 2x 1.92TB SSD | 4x 1.2TB HDD)
@HOME Network Equipment
  • ER1 / ER2: Cisco ASR1001
  • ES1 / ES2: Alcatel Lucent OS2260-10
  • CS1 / CS2: Arista DCS-7050SX-72Q-F
  • FW1 / FW2: Sophos SG310 Rev.2 (Running SFOS)